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The last stop on The Seven Prequels blog tour

Learn about Webb from BARRACUDA and Sigmund Brouwer
"There was, absolutely! In fact, I managed to catch a barracuda while kayak-fishing, just like Webb. I even caught a shark, but that's a story for another day. My barracuda wasn't as large as Webb's, but I did manage to catch it on video." Read full review.

The Seven Prequels blog tour talks to Shane Peacock

Read about Shane Peacock and SEPARATED:
"I think many writers know they want to write from a very young age. That wasn't the case with me. I wanted to play hockey, play sports, do all those "boy" things. But my interest in Literature grew throughout high school and by the time I reached university I knew I wanted to be an author. Strangely, given the fact that I often write for young people, in some ways I kind of skipped the interest in YA literature that most kids who become writers experience, and went straight to the likes of Dickens and Shakespeare, who are still great influences and appear in some of my stories." Read full review.

The Seven Prequels blog tour continues with Ted Staunton

Read about Ted Staunton's newest addition to Spencer's adventures:
"Which came first, the title or the novel?
It varies from book to book, but in this case the story came before the title. At various times it had a couple of other titles that I now can't remember and I can't seem to find in my files. Clearly they weren't that memorable." Read full review.

The Seven Prequels blog stop with John Wilson

Learn about John Wilson and his Prequel THE MISSING SKULL:
"Most of what I write is historical fiction, and the ideas for my books tend to arise from the history I read about. This means that my research often provides an historical framework within which I can place my characters and weave my story. This is one of the reasons I don’t spend much time doing detailed outlines before I begin a novel. So, I leaped in and began writing my first mystery novel—and that's when the difficulties began..." Read full review.

The Seven Prequel's blog tour continues with Jungle Land

Read about DJ's adventures in South America, Eric Walters' Seven Prequel:
"D.J. is strong, determined, and thoughtfully conflicted between how he feels and how he has to present to look like he’s in charge. This is very much a result of taking on so much responsibility so early after the death of a parent. The joke with this series is that we have all written our selves into our characters.  I lost my mother when I was four and can strongly identify with who this character is and what motivates him..." Read full review.

Praise for Seven Prequel, Weerdest Day Ever!

Read about Richard Scrimger's newest installment in the Bunny saga:
"I can’t possible go into all the layers of Richard Scrimger's plot but it does encompass a war, a one-armed man, a cow, as Bunny mentions at the onset, but also Laura Secord, a sword, a phone, horseback riding, a re-enactment, budding romances for all three campers, an elderly woman with hearing issues, antagonism with Americans, meaningful ice-cream, a hollow tree, a bully, and a familial rivalry...” Read full review.

The inaugural stop on the Seven Prequels Blog Tour

Read up on Norah McClintock's Seven Prequel, SLIDE:
"Let me say how much I loved Grandma Melanie. Not only is she a free spirit, full of sass and determination, but it's clear how much she loves her grandson and how determined she is to provide him with good memories, especially after the loss of his mother and her daughter...It wouldn't be a McClintock story without mystery, and this one is built up on clever hints and clues..." Read full article.

They're here...

The Seven Prequels published September 20, 2016, and the series is now available from your local bookstore and online from Orca Book Publishers. Don’t miss the adventures of your favorite seven grandsons and their grandfather.

‘Seven’ young-adult book series further fuels binge culture with sequel

Catch up with Eric Walters and Ted Staunton as they discuesses the Seven Sequels with The Canadian Press:
"Call it the Netflix of the young-adult book world in Canada. The "Seven" series is a homegrown initiative in which seven writers pen seven interweaving YA books at the same time and release them all at once. The stories have different characters and settings but one main plot link, and readers can consume them in any order.
The first instalment, “Seven the Series,” came out two years ago and has sold about 135,000 copies and been translated into several languages. It follows the seven grandsons of fictional late adventurer David McLean as they try to fulfil the tasks he had set out for them. In the newly released second instalment, “The Seven Sequels,” the grandsons find a hidden cache of passports and foreign currency at McLean’s cottage, sparking a globetrotting mission to figure out his mysterious past..." Read full article.

The Wait is Over...

The Seven Sequels launched on October 1, 2014, and all seven titles are now available at your favorite bookstores and to order from Orca Book Publishers. Here's what School Library Journal had to say about these highly anticipated sequels:
"This unusual series features seven books that are connected but can stand alone as individual adventures. Building upon a plot line first laid out in the "Seven" series (Orca, 2012), each entry follows one of David McLean’s seven grandsons as he embarks on a dangerous mission in a far flung locale, as per instructions in Grandpa McLean's oddball will…This thrill-a-minute series will hook reluctant readers as well as fans of James Bond and Jason Bourne."

Orca Launches New Series...The Seven Sequels

The Coastal Spectator with a great piece on the newly lauched Seven Sequels:
"The stories are fast-paced and action-packed. Accordingly, the boys’ progress is as punctuated by gunshots, murder, kidnapping, betrayal, codebreaking, pursuit and pretty girls who may or may not be trustworthy, as any Bond movie. The settings range far and wide—the boys have all that hidden money, after all—from Uruguay to Spain, from Bermuda to England, from Toronto to the Southern States, from Jamaica to New York, with a divertingly original crossing of the US-Canada border complete with magic realism for good measure." Read full article.

Launching Today—Orca's Seven Sequels

Quill & Quire celebrates the release of the Seven Sequels:
"Readers, librarians, and booksellers alike are excited by today’s release of Orca Book Publishers’ Seven Sequels, a batch of follow ups to the hugely successful Seven Series, which launched October 2012" Read full article.

The Countdown Continues!

It's only a matter of weeks before The Seven Sequels launch. In anticipation of the big release date, Orca is giving away free audio samples from The Seven Sequels—one each week until October 1, 2014. Visit the Audiobooks page to listen to the latest chapter.

Seven (the series) Audiobooks - excerpts available now!

Orca is pleased to announce that audiobook editions of the original Seven (the series) will be available September 2014. Download a free excerpt of each audiobook at to catch up with your favorite characters.

Seven (the series) - Over 100,000 Copies sold!

Following up on the enormous success of Seven (the series), we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of The Seven Sequels. All seven authors from the original series will return October 1, 2014 with a second set of seven novels. Watch the trailer here.

Seven: the series—an ambitious adventure results in intriguing success

“Seven boys all carrying out tasks left to them by one grandfather, seven stories told by seven authors, seven books published on the same day (October 10, 2012)—it’s an ambitious plan hatched by author Eric Walters, executed by him and six other noted authors along with Orca Book Publishers. And, like the adventures of the seven cousins, it proves an intriguing success...”

We all have known and loved series written by one author where we follow characters through different adventures. Several authors have experimented successfully with a series of books covering the same story as told by different characters. Ted Staunton did it in charming Monkey Mountain series for younger readers and Jessica Scott Kerrin recently introduced readers to the characters of her new series, The Lobster Chronicles...The Seven series takes more risks in this regard. Here we have seven authors—each with their own style, their own tone and, of course, their own very different tasks and plots. A reader expecting a certain familiarity from book to book will be surprised by how varied they are. This, however, is also what makes the series intriguing. Like looking through a kaleidoscope, the shift in perspective from book to book offers different (and not always positive) views of the grandfather and the past, as well as a different and exciting adventure, mystery or journey of discovery for the seven protagonists.

One happy effect of the series, of course, is that it may encourage readers familiar with one author to discover six other excellent writers and their books. Every reader will doubtless have his or her own favourite among the seven titles, but all will find an intriguing package of books to savour. Kudos to Orca and the seven authors for taking on this fascinating challenge and rising to the occasion."



"When Canadian author Eric Walters had the idea for an unusual YA series—seven linked adventure novels written by seven authors, all to be released simultaneously – he knew whom to approach: Orca Books, which the writer calls a house that “punches above its weight.” The author of some 80 books for young readers, Walters has worked with publishers large and small, including Orca, and appreciates the fact that an indie house can decide on an unusual project without the layers of approval required in larger houses." READ FULL ARTICLE

SEVEN AT ONE BLOW, by Sarah Harvey —Publishers Weekly

"Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised when something peculiar happened in my seventh year as an editor at Orca Book Publishers. After all, seven is a magical number in fairy tales, and Orca is a children’s book publisher. There are seven continents, seven oceans, seven Harry Potter books. So, Why not a series of kids books about seven cousins? When my publisher, Andrew Wooldridge, asked me to edit “the magnificent seven,” my first question was “How many are we going to publish per season?” His answer: “All seven in October 2012.” I wanted to yell, “Are you insane?” but that’s not the kind of thing you say to your boss." READ FULL ARTICLE

THE COUNTDOWN TO SEVEN IS ON! —School Library Journal

"The countdown to Seven in on! Seven (the series) is coming October 10, 2012. Seven grandsons. Seven journeys. Seven authors. One amazing series... The idea for the series came from Walters and his passion for bringing great stories to kids—especially to boys. Walters’s idea was to ask six other well-known children’s book authors to each contribute a novel to a series that would be connected by a grandfather’s love of his seven grandsons. Since each of the adventures happens at the same time, the books can be read in any order." READ FULL ARTICLE


"As obvious as it may seem, the number seven is the key to the whole series. In his will, adventurer and grandfather David McLean leaves seven letters for his seven teen-aged grandsons: D.J., Steve, Spencer, Bunny (a.k.a. Bernard), Rennie, Jim (a.k.a. Webb) and Adam. In the letters, each boy is asked to undertake a specific task that will lead him on an adventure to Iceland, Spain, France, Tanzania or somewhere in Canada. Each book will tell the adventure of one grandson." READ FULL ARTICLE