From the Dead

From the Dead

Norah McClintock

9781459805378 PB $10.95

GRANDSON: Rennie (age 17)


REASON FOR TRAVEL: A secret cache filled with passports, a gun, a disguise and a photo of some Nazis triggers Rennie's mission to find out whether his grandfather was a spy. And if he was, did he help a Nazi war criminal escape? Rennie will have more than one gun pointed—and fired—in his direction before he can uncover the truth.

From the Dead is the sequel to both Slide, part of The Seven Prequels and Close to the Heel, part of Seven—The Series.

"A neat, suspenseful mystery tailor-made for young readers." —Kirkus Reviews for Close to the Heel

From the Dead
9781459808515 AUDIO CD $29.95

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"Other than a fake Argentinian passport, an old newspaper clipping featuring a photo of three Nazis and a hand-drawn map, Rennie has little to go on. But he is determined to find out whether his grandfather was a spy, as his cousins assume, or a Nazi as they fear...An intriguing mystery." —Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2014

"[From the Dead] offers intricate plotting and well-developed, multidimensional characters. Clues are revealed slowly, but the action never drags, and surprises lurk around every corner...McClintock carefully ties up all the loose ends of this mystery, but the onion-like character of David McLean clearly holds many more secrets just waiting to be peeled away. This book stands alone, but why miss the others in the series? Highly Recommended." —CM Magazine, September 5, 2014

"Vivid descriptions of a devastated Detroit provide the background to this layered suspense story from indefatigable crime writer McClintock... Rennie's impulsiveness, his issues with his military officer father, and his failure to consider potential consequences as he pursues answers add a degree of authenticity to this over-the-top, unrelenting thriller. The unembellished, plot-focused writing should appeal to reluctant readers looking for an adrenaline story." —Booklist, November 1, 2014

A nicely written story that will appeal to those readers seeking adventure, especially when that adventure involves solving historical mysteries. The reading level is not difficult, so readers of all abilities will be able to access and enjoy the story." —Resource Links, October 1, 2014