Eric Walters

Eric Walters began writing in 1993 as a way to entice his grade five students into becoming more interested in reading and writing. At the end of the year, one student suggested that he try to have his story published. Since that first creation, Eric has published over eighty novels and picture books. Many of his works have become bestsellers and he has won over one hundred awards. Often his stories incorporate themes that reflect his background in education and social work and his commitment to humanitarian and social-justice issues. He is a tireless presenter, speaking to over 70,000 students per year in schools across the country and throughout North America. Eric has three grown children and he lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with his wife and two dogs. To find out more about Eric, visit his website at Eric's novels in the Seven series include Between Heaven and Earth, Sleeper and his prequels novel, Jungle Land.

John Wilson

John Wilson grew up on the Isle of Skye and outside Glasgow in Scotland without the slightest idea that he would ever write books. After a degree in Geology from St. Andrews University, he worked in Zimbabwe and Alberta before taking up writing full-time and moving out to Lantzville on Vancouver Island in 1991. John is addicted to history and firmly believes that the past must have been just as exciting, confusing and complex to those who lived through it as our world is to us. John has written over forty books of fiction and nonfiction for kids, teens and adults, and has won or been shortlisted for many awards, including the GGs, Geoffrey Bilson, Red Maple and White Pine awards. John spends significant portions of his year traveling across the country telling stories and getting young readers (particularly but not exclusively boys) excited about the past. To find out more about John, visit his website at John's novels in the Seven series include Lost Cause, Broken Arrow and his prequels novel, The Missing Skull.

Ted Staunton

Ted Staunton divides his time between writing and a busy schedule as a speaker, workshop leader, storyteller and musical performer for children and adults. Ted is the author of numerous books for young readers of all ages, including Puddleman, the Morgan series, and the acclaimed Hope Springs a Leak, which was shortlisted for both a Silver Birch Award and a Hackmatack Award. His most recent novel is the YA mystery thriller, Who I’m Not. Ted lives in Port Hope, Ontario. To find out more about Ted, visit his website at Ted's novels in the Seven series include Jump Cut, Coda and his prequels novel, Speed.

Richard Scrimger

Richard Scrimger is the award-winning author of twenty books for children and adults, a couple of screenplays and some print journalism. His middle-school novel, The Nose from Jupiter, won the Mr. Christie Award and his books have appeared on ALA’s Kid’s Pick of the List, and The Globe & Mail and ALA’s Notable Book lists. His books have been translated into almost a dozen languages (actually eleven). The father of four, Richard is used to being laughed at. To find out more about Richard, visit his website at Richard's novels in the Seven series include Ink Me, The Wolf and Me and his prequels novel, Weerdest Day Ever!.

Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock won the Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Award for crime fiction for young people five times. She wrote more than sixty YA novels, including contributions to Seven (the series), the Seven Sequels and the Secrets series. Norah's novels in the Seven series include Close to the Heel, From the Dead and her prequels novel, Slide.

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is the bestselling author of nineteen novels and several series of childrens’ titles, with over 3 million books in print in seven different languages, including titles in the Orca Echoes, Orca Currents and Orca Sports series. His recent novel, Devil’s Pass, was a finalist for one of Canada’s major literary awards for children, the John Spray Mystery Award; it is also a Red Maple nominee and Kirkus Reviews Critic’s Pick. For information about his Rock & Roll Literacy Show, where he speaks at schools all across North America reaching over 80,000 students a year, visit Sigmund and his family divide their time between his hometown of Red Deer, Alberta and Nashville, Tennessee, where his Grammy-nominated wife is a singer and songwriter. Sigmund's novels in the Seven series include Devil's Pass, Tin Soldier and his prequels novel, Barracuda.

Shane Peacock

Shane Peacock is a biographer, journalist, screenwriter and the author of more than a dozen books for young readers, including The Boy Sherlock Holmes series. His work has won many honors, including The Geoffrey Bilson Award, the Libris Award and two Arthur Ellis Awards for Crime Fiction. His novel, Becoming Holmes, was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award. Because Shane often writes about unusual subjects, his research methods have, at times, been out of the ordinary too; he has learned the arts of tight-rope walking, silent killing, trapeze flying and sumo eating, all in the service of his art. Shane and his wife, journalist Sophie Kneisel, live with their three children on a small farm near Cobourg, Ontario, where he continues to search for and imagine larger-than-life characters. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey, reading, and sometimes even walking the wire. To find out more about Shane, visit his website at Shane's novels in the Seven series include Last Message, Double You and his prequels novel, Separated.