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I.O.U. Dead

When I Kill You
by Michelle Wan

Gina Lopez is twenty-six, a postal worker during the week, a mud wrestler on weekends. She's also a recent widow, though she is not exactly mourning the death of her abusive husband Chico. Instead, she's anxiously awaiting the life-insurance settlement that will pay off his gambling debts. After that she's hoping to take her mud-wrestling skills out of small-town-Ontario bars and down to the more lucrative US circuit.

And then Marcia Beekland enters her life. Marcia has video evidence that appears to implicate Gina in Chico's death. Faced with the likelihood of a jail sentence and the certain loss of the insurance settlement, Gina succumbs to Marcia's blackmail demands. And what Marcia wants is that Gina kill her husband Stanley.

What follows is a comic mystery caper that will keep readers both laughing and eagerly reading to discover what is really behind Marcia's increasingly crazed demands.

Reading Level: 3.8
ISBN: 9781554699902
Pub Date: April 1, 2012
Price: $9.95

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About the author

Michelle Wan is the author of the Death in the Dordogne murder mystery series set in southwest France: Deadly Slipper, The Orchid Shroud, A Twist of Orchids and Kill For An Orchid. Her books have been published in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Holland and Japan. She loves dogs, botanical hikes, good food, good friends and especially good books. She lives with her husband Tim in Guelph, Ontario. Visit for more information.


CM Magazine—February 10, 2012
"Through Wan's storytelling, the reader is drawn into Gina's story of hard luck and battles alongside Gina as she tries to do what is right. Suspense is built throughout as Gina struggles with her inner demons...A good read, well written. Highly Recommended."

Southwest Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group—May 24, 2012
"The murder attempts will keep readers on their toes and [the novel] comes to a surprise ending."—October 9, 2012
"A frothy and breezy read...It's the kind of book that would be easily brought with you on a trip."

NJ Youth Services—October 18, 2012
"This engaging, quick read is aimed at adult reluctant/struggling readers, but may find appeal at the upper high school level."


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