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Orchestrated Murder   Rundown

The Boom Room
by Rick Blechta

Detective Mervin Pratt is enjoying a quiet dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant when he's called in to assist at a murder scene at a popular downtown nightclub. The manager has been stabbed to death in his office. The lead investigator, Detective Gordon, no friend of Pratt's, sees it as an open-and-shut case. He has the suspect, motive and even the murder weapon. But Pratt is unwilling to jump to conclusions.

When Pratt's young partner, Dave Ellis, arrives on the scene uninvited and quietly tells Pratt that the suspect is his half brother, Pratt finds himself in an ethical dilemma. Ellis can have nothing to do with the investigation, and his connection to the case should be reported. On the other hand, Gordon's attempt to railroad the suspect and his outright antagonism to Pratt's involvement rub the detective the wrong way. The only solution, of course, is to solve the crime.

Reading Level: 4.2
ISBN: 9781459805149
Pub Date: April 1, 2014
Price: $9.95

2015 Arthur Ellis Award nominee

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About the author

Rick Blechta has two passions in life: music and writing. A professional musician since age fourteen, he brings his extensive knowledge of that life to his crime fiction. He is now the author of eight novels, one of which, Cemetery of the Nameless, was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award (2005). In 2017, his third Rapid Reads book, Rundown, won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella. Rick runs a blog called Type M for Murder, which can be found at For more information about Rick, visit

Rick writes the Detective Pratt mystery series for Rapid Reads, which currently includes Orchestrated Murder and The Boom Room.


Library Journal—April 1, 2014
"The fast-paced procedural has a touch of humor, insights into the nightclub scene, and a nice plot twist."

CM Magazine—April 18, 2014
"The emphasis on solving the murder, along with the lack of graphic violence and overt sexuality, make this book a good example of 'crime fiction lite.' Recommended."

The Library of Pacific Tranquility blog—February 21, 2014
"A quick and light read...The dilemmas that Pratt encounters are realistic."

ForeWord Reviews—June 1, 2014
"A fast-paced murder mystery...There’s a colorful, many-motived supporting cast that adds flavor and just the right amount of complexity to the narrative. The terse police dialogue is fun to read, and the pacing is superb for this length of book: the action picks up right away and there’s never a lull...Perfect for lunch-hour readers who want to supplement their workaday job with a bit of police drama."

VOYA—June 1, 2014
"Tense and grittly, but not overtly so...[Blechta has] won awards for previous mystery stories, and [his] talents come through here...Can be easily completed by a struggling or reluctant reader...[and] could spark an interest in reading for those looking for a good detective story."


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