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Orchestrated Murder The Boom Room

by Rick Blechta

Toronto homicide detectives Pratt and Ellis are brought in to investigate a series of hit-and-runs. Someone seems to be trying to kill random people using stolen cars. The detectives try to find any connections between the victims that might indicate something else at work. What they discover is beyond their wildest imagining.

Reading Level: 3.4
ISBN: 9781459810105
Pub Date: October 25, 2016
Price: $9.95
2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing—Best Novella, short-listed

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About the author

Rick Blechta has two passions in life: music and writing. A professional musician since age fourteen, he brings his extensive knowledge of that life to his crime fiction. He is now the author of eight novels, one of which, Cemetery of the Nameless, was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award (2005). In 2017, his third Rapid Reads book, Rundown, won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella. Rick runs a blog called Type M for Murder, which can be found at For more information about Rick, visit

Rick writes the Detective Pratt mystery series for Rapid Reads, which currently includes Orchestrated Murder and The Boom Room.


Metapsychology Online Reviews—October 19, 2016
"Unique? Absolutely. This is a mystery...that will have you, like me, reading it in one sitting. Interesting and well developed characters, a serious crime, a need to solve it as quickly as possible, and a believable and satisfactory conclusion."

Kirkus Reviews—August 15, 2016
"Blechta wastes not a minute in laying out this compact, sharply focused tale."


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