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Love You to Death
by gail Bowen

Charlie D is the host of a successful late-night radio call-in show. His listeners have a particularly intimate relationship with him and often reveal much about themselves, confident that he will honor their trust and that he can save them. In their minds, he is perfect: one of life's winners. But Charlie feels he's something of a fake. His easy confidence on-air belies the reality for a man born with a wine-colored birthmark that covers half his face.

Love You to Death covers one hour on "The World According to Charlie D"—an hour during which he must both discover the long-time listener who is killing the people who trust him and attempt to come to terms with the man behind the birthmark.

Reading Level: 4.2
ISBN: 9781554692620
Pub Date: April 1, 2010
Price: $9.95

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About the author

Gail Bowen’s bestselling mystery series featuring Joanne Kilbourn now includes fourteen titles. The first six books in the series have appeared as made-for-television movies with worldwide distribution. Winner of both the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award and the Derrick Murdoch Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Crime Writers of Canada, in 2008 Bowen was named “Canada’s Best Mystery Novelist” by Reader’s Digest. She was selected as one of “The 100 Most Popular Contemporary Mystery Authors” for an upcoming Library Unlimited reference book. Gail can be found online at

The books in Gail’s Charlie D series include: Love You to Death, One Fine Day You’re Gonna Die, The Shadow Killer, The Thirteenth Rose.


CM Magazine—June 4, 2010
"Bowen takes a concept and crafts a story that is tightly-paced and thoroughly gripping…The characters are swiftly drawn, but they aren't clichéd, and the dialogue is witty, gritty, and contemporary…Not only will appeal to high school students who have read their way through 'Orca Soundings' and want something a bit more challenging, but I am certain that Love You to Death will find an audience amongst capable readers who want and need a rapid read. Highly Recommended."

Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media—June 1, 2010
"Leads you through a who-dun-it mystery…Will work well for the reader just wetting their appetite or specifically wanting a fast read."

Ruth Argraves—July 22, 2011
"Suspenseful, has a great surprise, [and a] satisfying ending. I love mysteries and truly enjoyed this one. I highly recommend these Rapid Reads for those reluctant readers. They are short, fast paced, high interest and just what they need."


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