Evil Behind That Door

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Evil Behind That Door
by Barbara Fradkin

When softhearted handyman Cedric O'Toole agrees to help Barry Mitchell renovate his farmhouse, he finds himself facing old fears. Not only did Mitchell bully Cedric all through school, but his life has been troubled ever since. Now, just out of prison, he's broke and his parents have gone missing, leaving a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head.

But when Barry warns him not to touch the boarded-up door in the cellar, the ever-curious Cedric can't resist. The small storage room, obviously unused in years, contains jars of preserves, barrels of dried apples and a pile of small bones. As he sets out to discover who died and how, Cedric uncovers a tale of violence, deception and abuse. And he learns just how far Barry will go to keep a tragic family secret from coming to light.

Fry Reading Level: 3.2
ISBN: 9781459801004
Pub Date: September 1, 2012
Price: $9.95
2013 Arthur Ellis Award nominee

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About the author

Barbara Fradkin is a child psychologist with a fascination for how we turn bad. Her compelling short stories haunt numerous magazines and anthologies, but she is best known for her two series of gritty, psychological detective novels, one featuring Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green and the more recent one with foreign aid worker Amanda Doucette. Barbara won Arthur Ellis Best Novel Awards for both Fifth Son (2005) and Honour Among Men (2007). Barbara’s work as a school psychologist helping adolescents and younger children, many of whom struggled with reading, has also made her a strong advocate of programs that help to develop reading as a lifelong passion. She has written three Rapid Reads novels featuring a country handyman turned reluctant sleuth. For more information, please visit barbarafradkin.com.


Library Journal—September 1, 2012
"Fradkin successfully brings back her handyman/inventor hero in his second outing (after The Fall Guy)...Plenty of suspense and action are packed into a short and satisfying story."

TriState YA Book Review Committee—January 1, 2013
"Fradkin has written a fast paced novel that will thrill young adult readers. Suspense fills every chapter and the reader finds themselves rooting for Rick to solve the mystery and get out alive. This mystery adventure is a sure page-turner...Recommended for any high school or public library. It will relate well to young adult and adult readers."

CM Magazine—January 4, 2013
"A fast-paced story aimed at adult readers, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest read they can finish in one sitting. In the latter category, it will also suit teen readers who enjoy intrigue and are looking for a mystery that will hold their interest but not take up a huge chunk of their time...And though the plot is not complicated, Fradkin draws on her experience as a psychologist to weave subplots into the main thread and knot them in a twist at the end...Recommended."


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