Ronald Tierney

Ronald Tierney's The Stone Veil introduced semi-retired private investigator 'Deets" Shanahan. The book was nominated for the Private Eye Writers of America’s Shamus Award for Best First Novel. The most recent, Killing Frost, is the eleventh in a series Booklist said was "packed with new angles and delights." Before writing mysteries, Tierney was founding editor of NUVO, an Indianapolis alternative newspaper, and the editor of several other periodicals. Ronald lives in San Francisco, where he continues to write. For more information, visit

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The Black Tortoise The Black Tortoise
Price: $9.95
Follow the money.

Paperback: 9781459812406 $9.95

The Blue Dragon The Blue Dragon
Price: $9.95
Forensic accountant Peter Strand investigates a suspicious death in San Francisco’s Chinatown in this work of crime fiction.

Paperback: 9781459809048 $9.95

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