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Meet the Gang: Rizzo Rawlins, Fourth Grade Bully

Every detective needs a nemesis. Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty. Encyclopedia Brown had Bugs Meany. Fizz Marlow is no exception.

In this episode Meet the Gang, say hello to Fizz’ school yard nemesis: Rizzo Rawlins.

Rizzo is a kobold. Like most kobolds, he is a snarling, dog-faced bully with a reputation for biting and generally not playing nice with others.

Rizzo’s dad runs Rawlins Deal Depot, a clearinghouse for anything cheap and dodgy. It’s made the family very wealthy and created rumours the family is involved in some shady business deals.

Rizzo takes after his father, running a few dodgy businesses at school. With his gang of goons at his side, Rizzo shakes down the first graders for their lunch money and is able to “secure” math test answers for the grade eights, for a fee, of course.

Rizzo can’t stand Tank and Fizz and all their snooping around. Since Grade One, those two detectives have fouled more of Rizzo’s perfect schemes than he cares to remember.

Watch out for Rizzo and his gang of goons in Tank and Fizz’s first mystery The Slime Stampede, coming Spring 2015.

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