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Meet the Gang: Tatanka Wrenchlin (aka Tank)

Last week, I sent the manuscript for Tank and Fizz #2 off to the amazing folks at Orca Book Publishers. To celebrate, I thought it’d be fun for you to meet another character from the series.

Today, we meet another one Slick City’s dynamic detectives: Tatanka Wrenchlin, the tinkering-troll!

Tatanka “Tank” Wrenchlin


Ten year old Tank is a troll who shares Fizz’s class and his desire to get to the bottom of mysteries. The two make an odd pair, with Tank standing head and shoulders over her goblin best friend, but there’s no duo better at finding lost mittens or missing lunches in all of Gravelmuck Elementary.

Like all trolls, Tank has an unquenched desire to know how things work. She cannot resist taking things apart to see the gears, pulleys or circuits inside. Due to some unfortunate events, like rewiring the school PA system to broadcast the MudBall Champions instead of Principal Weaver’s daily affirmations, Tank is forbidden to bring tools into school.

In fact, in most places in Slick City, trolls are regularly relieved of their screwdrivers, circuit testers and I/O receiver modulators, due to their inability to resist tinkering. Tank’s knack for building contraptions, writing code and generally hacking the network connecting the computers in her school, is a boon to a detective like Fizz.

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