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Meet the Gang: Aleetha the Mage (in Training)

Heya! Liam here and I’m busy scribbling away on the manuscript for Tank and Fizz’ second adventure. But before we get ahead of ourselves, I was thinking you’d like to meet some of the faces of Slick City, the underground home Tank & Fizz.

Say hello to:

Aleetha Cinderwisp


Aleetha is a lava elf, good friend to Tank and Fizz and a mage-in-training in the Shadow Tower.

Like all elves entering the fourth grade and showing promise, Aleetha was whisked away from Rockfall Elementary to continue her studies behind the mysterious walls of the Shadow Tower. Not much is revealed about what happens in there, but Aleetha is trying to keep it real by remaining friends with her non-elf pals.

Aleetha and Tank disagree on the whole magic vs technology debate, but they don’t let it affect their friendship. Besides, Aleetha loves solving mysteries as much as Tank and Fizz and her growing powers in magic can come in handy when their investigations take a turn toward the arcane.

Having a mage as your detective partner comes in pretty handy when you’re chasing spell-slinging criminals. And trust me, there’s no shortage of those in Slick City!

I can’t wait for you to see Aleetha in crime-solving action! Stay tuned for another Meet the Gang profile very soon!

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