Continue Your Journey

Continue your journey

What to Pack for Your Journey

For most trips you would pack a suitcase or backpack with clothes, deodorant and a toothbrush. You do pack a toothbrush, don't you? Because this journey is different, I'm asking you to pack simple things:

  • A willingness to listen to and have meaningful conversation with others
  • Curiosity
  • Openness
  • An ability to reflect on difficult things

Please take care of yourself on this journey. Listen and learn from your heart. I hope this book will inspire you. Some of it might hurt and make you angry. That's okay. Use it as fuel to help make change in a positive way. —Monique Gray Smith


The Speaking Our Truth Teachers' Resource Guide follows the book, chapter by chapter, making it easy for teachers and students to dig deeper into the text and make personal connections to the material.

Each chapter of the guide features a summary, essential questions, metaphors for learning, key components and vocabulary and detailed learning activites. There is bonus material about making art, keeping a journal and doing research. Activites are laid out clearly, with instructions for teachers and for students as they embark together on the journey of reconciliation.

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There is a myth in Canada that Residential School existed a long time ago. While most of the schools had closed by the mid-1970s, the last federally run Residential School, Gordon's School in Punnichy, Saskatchewan, closed in 1996. Over 130 schools operated over the years. These schools served over 150,000 First Nations, Metis and Inuit children.

The Residential Schools experience established for Canada's Indigenous population is one of the darkest, most troubling chapters in our nation's history."

Justice Murray Sinclair, TRC Final Report, Vol 1

Map of Residential Schools of Canada, TRC

Reconciliation Begins With You Poster

Download a poster for your classroom, library or event. Let the seven sacred teachings guide you on your journey.