Weerdest Day Ever!

Weerdest Day Ever!

Richard Scrimger

9781459811553 PB $9.95

Bunny is on a camping trip with his brother and his grandpa. How much trouble can he get into? As it turns out, a lot. For one thing, there are soldiers all over the place. Canada is about to go to war with the United States, and the battle starts tomorrow. Bunny is worried. A hockey rivalry is one thing, but this is serious. And why is everybody so happy? Things get personal when an American soldier steals his brother Spencer's cell phone. Bunny decides to track down the phone himself. Maybe they can get out of there before the war starts. That's when things get confusing...

In this zany prequel to Ink Me and The Wolf and Me, the hockey-loving, indomitable Bunny goes camping with his brother and his grandpa.

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"[Bunny's] simple assessments of war, bullying, and controlling one's emotions are wise...acceptance of diversity in others is equally noteworthy...Bunny's personality and voice will carry them along. An unconventional narrator steals the show." —Kirkus Reviews, June 22, 2016

"'You should do what you want Gampa. Unless it hurts someone." That's [Bunny's] rule—and I agree that it's a good one. So is the book...Recommended." —CM Magazine, June 22, 2016