Eric Walters

9781459805439 PB $10.95

GRANDSON: DJ (age 18) — twin brother of Steve


REASON FOR TRAVEL: Following a series of obscure clues to find out the truth about his grandfather, DJ meets Charlie, a gorgeous model with secret ties to the British Royal Family. What follows is an adventure that rivals any of James Bond’s—complete with spies, guns, double agents, and a vintage E-Type Jag.

Sleeper is the sequel to both Jungle Land, part of The Seven Prequels and Between Heaven and Earth, part of Seven—The Series.

9781459805439 AUDIO CD $29.95

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"Sleeper will be the answer to all 'Which book should I read next?' questions this upcoming school year. It has something for everyone—strong male character, strong female character, mystery, spies, action, travel, fast cars, good role models, history and, yes, even a touch of a love story. Everyone should read Sleeper and when you read one, you'll be sure to read them all!" —Hot Cup of Tea and a Good Book blog, July 5, 2014

"Readers will find themselves rooting for DJ and Charlie as they get chased around London with a strange taxi driver and a retired MI6 agent who may or may not be going insane...[T]he setting is vibrant, and the thrills are a mile-a-minute. Fans of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and other action/espionage heroes will find much to love in Walters’ latest book for young readers. Highly Recommended." —CM Magazine

"This book is a great read for anybody who likes a good mystery; however, if you have a reluctant teen reader, put this book in his hands!" —LibraryThing Early Reviewer, September 3, 2014

"Part Holmes-ian mystery and part James Bond adventure, DJ’s quest requires both intellect and an unflappable resolve...[A] solid nod to the British spy and mystery legacy. A fast-paced, enjoyable entrée to this mystery/adventure series." —Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2014

"What a great way to take readers from David McLean directing the actions of his grandsons, as he did in the Seven Series, to the boys looking to new adventures, pursuing their own suspicions and curiosity about their grandfather, and embarking on adventures that will put their intrepid natures to the test in more daring situations. Sleeper introduces the theme of espionage and hidden identities in an intriguing manner...[It] is a propitious beginning for my reading of The Seven Sequels. Make it one of yours too." —CanLit for Little Canadians Blog, October 1, 2014