Sigmund Brouwer

9781459811522 PB $9.95

Fishing for barracuda from a kayak in the Florida Keys. That's what Jim Webb thinks this resort vacation with his grandfather should be about. Except the dying resort owner holds the key to legend about a generations-old crime. A crime that is worth way too much to those who want the legend to be true. Webb soon discovers that what lurks in the sun, sand and shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish. And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past.

In this exciting prequel to Devil's Pass and Tin Soldier, the musically gifted and tenacious Webb finds himself caught in a dangerous mystery.

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"Brouwer has a talent for taking readers on intense adventures...Highly recommended." —CM Magazine, June 22, 2016

"This fast-paced mystery should appeal to Webb fans and those seeking an intrigue-filled escape to the Keys." —Kirkus Reviews, July 15, 2016