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Just Gone
by William Kowalski

Mother Anqelique runs a shelter for homeless mothers and their children in a run-down inner-city area, where drug addiction, prostitution and random acts of violence are facts of life. One day, newly orphaned Jamal and his sister Chantay arrive at the shelter, hungry and scared. As Angelique tries to find a new home for them, she develops a fascination with seven-year-old Jamal, who seems to inhabit a world of his own. Jamal tells her fantastic stories of a man named Jacky Wacky, who protects the poor children of the city and punishes the adults who harm them. A God-fearing woman, Angelique doesn't believe his stories at first. But strange things begin to happen whenever Jamal is around, and Mother Angelique is forced to admit that the world may contain stranger truths than her faith can explain.

Reading Level: 3.0
ISBN: 9781459803275
Pub Date: September 1, 2013
Price: $9.95
2015 Golden Oak Award Nominee

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About the author

William Kowalski is the author of the international bestseller Eddie's Bastard, winner of South Africa’s Ama-Boeke Award, and more recently The Hundred Hearts. His work has been translated into fifteen languages. Two of the titles William wrote for the Rapids Reads series have been nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s Golden Oak Award. He lives with his family in Nova Scotia. For more information visit

The list of books by William in the Rapid Reads series are: The Barrio Kings, Just Gone, Something Noble, The Way it Works and The Innocence Device. The latest, Epic Game, will be released in March 2016.


Publishers Weekly—July 12, 2013
"Worthy and positive...with the weary but determined voice of its earnestly captured narrator and its hopeful message for exploited and abused inner-city youths...Appropriate for adult literacy and ESL programs.

ForeWord Reviews—September 1, 2013
"A short novel for beginning adult readers ties mystical urban legends with inner-city life...With innovative characters who speak like real people, and a plotline that progresses steadily and convincingly."


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