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What can you do?

Got media messages overload? Want to do more than just consume media? Here are some ways to get your voice heard and become a media maker:

Have Your Say.
Start a blog, comment on forums, get active in the media online. If you feel strongly about something, write a letter to the editor of the TV station, newspaper or radio station and let them know what you think. Remember to be safe and let an adult know what you're doing.

Make a Movie. 
Grab a pencil and paper and write your own script, just like Bounce did. Get some friends together, borrow a video camera and get recording. If you can't get a camera, perform your script live in front of an audience.

Be a Zinester.
Got an idea for a great story, comic or magazine? With some paper, staples and a photocopier, you can create your own mini-magazine, or zine. Go it alone or get friends to join in the fun. Make some copies, give your zine away at school and you'll be a media mogul by lunchtime.

Media Challenger Ideas
Ever talk to your TV? Yell at your computer? Argue with your magazine? You should! Asking questions and looking critically at media is a great way to find out what the real messages are. Try these on your favorite TV show, magazine or song.

Switch It Up
Swap the gender of the characters in a TV show or commercial. Turn boys into girls and girls into boys. Would they say the same things or have the same problems? Would it change the way you feel about the characters?


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