Lucy Tries Baseball

Lucy is playing catch with her family at the park when she is invited to join her friends' baseball team.

Their friendly coach teaches them the basics of offense and defense as they practice catching, hitting and fielding. Then they use these skills in a real game, where Lucy must overcome her fear of getting hit by the ball. With encouragement from Coach Al, Lucy steps up to the plate and gives her best swing. Playing a big part in the game's exciting finish, Lucy realizes what makes baseball such a fun sport to play with family and friends.

Lucy Tries Baseball is also available in French: Lucy joue au baseball and Spanish: Lucy juega al beisbol.

The Lucy Tries Sports series reinforces the HIGH FIVE principles of healthy child development needed for quality programs, including the support of a caring adult, the opportunity to participate, to play, to make friends and to master skills.

Available April 2023

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