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Created by veteran sports journalist Lisa Bowes, the Lucy Tries Sports series aims to promote inclusive physical literacy and encourage young readers to get involved in sports. Endorsed by elite athletes, the series focuses on participation and the importance of play. The books follow Lucy and her friends as they learn introductory skills in a variety of exciting sports, guided by coaches and teachers. Lucy's eagerness to try new things will inspire all children to get outside and play.

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"The Lucy Tries Sports series is an incredible resource that inspires and encourages girls and boys to be physically active, take on unique challenges and engage in one of my favorite pasttimes: reading! Lucy is a perfect role model for young boys and girls to be inspired that they too can go after big, audacious dreams. I just can't wait for Lucy to try wrestling!" —Erica Wiebe, Olympic champion and an advocate of youth in sports



"The Lucy Tries Sports series is terrific for children! It inspires them to be physically active and reinforces so many aspects of their social skill development. A really positive assistance to parenting children." —Dave King, Member of the Order of Canada, Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and IIHF Hall of Fame inductee

"Lucy knows that sport is for everyone—including those with disabilities. Lucy also shows us what it is to be inclusive, creative and the value in trying new things. The world needs more Lucy!" —David Legg, Ph.D. , Chair & Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education, Mount Royal University



"The Lucy Tries Sports series is an engaging and fun way to teach young children about sports. And we all know that if girls in particular have strong role models they're more likely to succeed. Lucy is exactly that!" —Hayley Wickenheiser, Six-Time Olympian

"Early exposure to positive role models and sporting encounters are vital to helping kids become engage in sport and active living. The Lucy Tries Sports series provides fun, vivid examples of positive sport experiences while reinforcing messages central to healthy child development." —Dr. Karen MacNeill, Sport Psychologist



"This timely series helps promote the value of physical literacy and sport participation. "Lucy" truly reinforces ParticipACTION Canada's vision: To create a nation where physical activity is a vital part of everyday life." —Doug Mitchell, Past Chair, ParticipACTION Board of Directors

"The Lucy Tries Sports series teaches how sport is about fun and and healthy competition. They also introduce various different sports to young kids and hopefully inspire them to stay active and healthy. I love that my kids can read the series in English and French. These books are a must for the entire family." —Catriona Le May Doan, OC and two time Olympic Speed Skating Champion



'Lisa Bowes engaged our students with an entertaining and inspiring presentation with the Lucy books. They were so "hooked" by Lisa's stories! Lisa's message about physical activity, good sportsmanship and reading were so meaningful and I know she left a mark on our students...they are still talking about her weeks later. FD Roosevelt LOVES LUCY and LISA!' —Lisa Waub, Librarian, F.D. Roosevelt Public School, London, ON

"I am happy to support the positive messaging of participation, physical activity and kindness within the Lucy Tries Sports series. I had the privelege to read to my daughter's school this year and very much enjoyed the joy in the students' faces in sharing the determination and spirit of Lucy." —Brian Torrance, Director of Ever Active Schools



"Lucy is a great role model for all kids, on and off the hard court. She exemplifies inclusion, teamwork and work ethic—important lessons for everyone!" —Kia Nurse, Canadian women's basketball team and WNBA guard

"Lucy is an awesome role model for kids at any age! She demonstrates the value of getting involved in sports and how teamwork and good coaching can positively affect childhood and beyond." —Christine Sinclair, Captain of the Canadian National Soccer team and Olympic medalist



"An engaging, fun read for children that encourages literacy skills and participation in sports." —Melissa Bailey, teacher and coach, Bavarian International School, Germany

The books seek to reinforce the five principles of healthy child development set out by High Five Canada...In each book Lucy makes a friend, masters a skill, meets an encouraging adult mentor and has an active voice in her play. Most importantly, she tries new things. "Lucy Tries Sports designed to inspire children to become active, play" from The National Post


Meet Lisa Bowes

Lisa Bowes has been recognized across Canada for her work as a sports reporter, live host, anchor, play-by-play announcer and producer. While working for CBC, she was nominated for a Gemini Award for best writing in an information program or series.

At the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, Lisa was CTV’s host/reporter for women’s hockey.

Interested in a virtual presentation? Ms. Bowes offers school programs, ECE workshops and corporate keynotes upon request.

Contact Lisa Bowes about a virtual presentation.

Lisa Bowes

Meet James Hearne

James Hearne lives in Calgary, Alberta, and specializes in app, magazine and book illustration. For more information, visit



Help Lucy find her favorite sports terms in a word search, solve a long-vowel crossword puzzle, match letters and sounds, navigate a short track maze, draw Lucy with a dot-to-dot and more.







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