Billboard Express Sigmund Brouwer and Cindy Morgan

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ISBN: 9781459811089
Pub Date: October 18, 2016
Lexile Level: 5.5
Pages: 128
Price: $9.95

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Elle has come to Nashville to become a star. She has what it takes—talent to burn, good looks, financial backing. But her agent and all the label executives want to change everything about her—her hair, her body, her clothes and, most important, her music. Elle becomes a blond, sings about cookin' for her man and wears tiny shorts and revealing tank tops. Then a chance meeting with an established female songwriter makes Elle realize that she's paying too high a price for success.

Billboard Express continues the story that began in Rock the Boat by Sigmund Brouwer.


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"Morgan and Brouwer paint an accurate portrait of the Nashville star-making machinery and the constant tug of war between art and commerce. It's deliciously entertaining, but most of all Elle's bravery is inspiring. After all...don't we all want to be true to ourselves and live authentic lives? This book will remind you why that's so valuable."

Deborah Evans Price, Billboard contributing writer, Nashville-based journalist/author 2013 CMA Media Achievement Award winner - April 14, 2016