Better Together: Creating Community in an Uncertain WorldBetter Together

By author: Nikki Tate

ISBN: 9781459813007
Pub Date: March 04, 2018
Pages: 48
Price: $19.95
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Better Together explores how people gather in groups of all kinds to fulfill the basic human need for companionship. From the smallest units of parents, siblings and friends to global organizations that try to build on a foundation of common human experience to meet their goals, people working together are a powerful force for change. Too often, we look at someone and see all the ways we are different. People all around the world come together to build things, teach and entertain each other, and provide everything from better health care to good food to security and education. Better Together examines the many ways we are the same, no matter where we live.


CM Magazine, March 2, 2018
"There is considerable research, as well as detail based on the author's personal experiences, making this book a worthwhile addition to the series…Recommended."

School Library Journal, February 28, 2018
"Readers will find this book helpful in understanding different types of communities and organizations and in finding new ways to get involved in making the world a better place to live. A good purchase for libraries looking to expand their collection of titles surrounding community and becoming active in organizations."

Resource Links, February 15, 2018
"This book with its high quality text, well-researched content, graphics, photography resources, glossary and index is highly recommended for both school and public libraries. It would make a wonderful gift for any school age child. Better Together is an excellent starting point for individual or group projects on self and community."

Booklist, February 13, 2018
"Students looking for a broad introduction to the wide-ranging topic of cultures and communities will find a good launching point in this photo-rich volume, and the closing list of resources might help steer further research."