With seconds to the finish line, Dalen and Gole lead the distant world of Budap’s Annual Junior-Jet Race. Suddenly they are overtaken. Left behind in a cloud of mysterious purple exhaust, something doesn’t add up. Looking for clues, the two friends uncover a tunnel that leads them to more than another world.

Port Angus, once a lively west coast fishing community, is going belly up. While stranded there, the visitors’ friendship is tested as they are chased, disguised and swing from the rafters of an abandoned cannery. Dalen and Gole, along with their new local friend Rachel, discover that though Budap and Port Angus are two extremely different worlds their problems just might share a common root.


Mike Deas Author photo.Mike Deas is an author/illustrator of graphic novels including the bestselling Graphic Guide Adventure series. His love for illustrative storytelling comes from an early love of reading and drawing while growing up on Saltspring Island, British Columbia.

Capilano College’s Commercial Animation Program in Vancouver helped Mike fine-tune his drawing skills and imagination. Work as a concept artist, texture artist and art director in the video game industry took Mike to England and California. Mike and his wife, Nancy, live in sunny Victoria, BC.

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