2012 BC Book Prize – Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize nominee

2011 Resource Links “The Year’s Best”


Kirkus Reviews – August 31, 2011
“A crisp, clear comic romp about two alien friends who uncover a gently sinister scheme that could destroy both their home planet and a small fishing town on Earth…Deas’ art has a clarion brightness and is tidily paneled across the page…Squeaky-clean, good fun.”

Quill & Quire – November 1, 2011
“A fast-paced…fun romp about strangers in a strange land…Budap’s residents resemble human-toad hybrids with snail-like eyes. Visually, they are immediately endearing…An entertaining and charming book.”

CM Magazine – October 28, 2011
“Deas’ experience as an illustrator enables him to understand the importance of the interplay of the text and illustrations. He does not rely on the text to tell the story; indeed, many panels rely solely on the detailed facial expressions and actions of his characters to forward his tale. The simple backgrounds are also helpful in establishing the setting and mood of the plot. As a result, his graphic novel is extremely accessible to emerging and struggling readers…Deas has created two likeable and interesting characters whose personal quirks are well used in the development of the plot…The mystery, interlaced with action and humour, will appeal to the graphic novel fan.”

Booklist – November 15, 2011
“Deas, illustrator of the six-volume Graphic Guide Adventure series, makes his debut as an author and illustrator here and provides solid graphics, pacing, dialogue, and humor…The rundown of the Budapian alphabet at the end is a particularly nice touch, and it allows readers to spin back through and translate the many signs sprinkled throughout the book. A fun mystery-adventure that’s just right for young space cases.”

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books – November 1, 2011
“The full-colour illustrations would be very much at home in Saturday morning cartoons, with goofy Everycreature protagonists and doofus-styled bad guys…An amiable romp, and a bonus spread of the Budapian alphabet and its English equivalent will give code enthusiasts a new method of secure encryption for classroom note-passing.”

Resource Links – December 1, 2011
“Speaks to its audience and provides a hook, through format, to lure boys into reading fiction. The colourful comics and alien creature main-characters…are designed to whet the young male appetite and to keep him reading…A fabulous recreational read as well as a strong spring board for teaching cartooning and creating graphic stories, characterization and using the imagination in storytelling.”

School Library Journal – January 1, 2012
“The artwork…has a muted, evocative palette, expressive character work, and energetic chase sequences. Deas makes effective use of sound effects and asymmetrical panel boundaries to enhance the most dramatic moments.”

Library Media Connection – May 1, 2012
“Young readers, struggling readers, and any readers of conscience will love this adventure and look forward to more. The end pages show alien jet schematics and Budap’s alphabet. The author’s website is not to be missed!”